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Why do feminist think it’s okay for men …

Why do feminist think it’s okay for men to rape little boys but not okay when they do it too girls let me tell you i was a 6 year old boy when an older man sexually abused me why is it okay when they do it too boys I had to be anonymous cause it still haunts me we want to be with you in this war against these racist sexist pig men but you loose people like me when you say all men are rapists cause I was raped by a terrible man my parents trusted as a little boy thanks for your time

i don’t know who you have been interacting with because no feminist i know would ever advocate for anything like what you’re saying. rape is rape, no matter the genders of the perpetrator and victim, and every victim deserves justice. i am so so sorry that you had to endure such horrific abuse and i hope you are able to find the support and help you need. i understand your need to be anonymous, it’s a very difficult and painful topic for a lot of people. if you need, there are a lot of people in the feminist community who can help connect you with resources for survivors, both locally and remotely. 

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“We all face hardships. If we choose to listen and we choose to act with empathy, we can draw strength from each other. We may suffer alone, but we survive together.” – Olympian Aly Raisman ❤️
Congratulations to all of the brave survivors who raised their voices and shared their stories. You are true champions on and off of the Olympic stage. 🙌🏆



them: rape culture doesn’t exist, everyone hates rape i dont know what you’re talking about

the news basically every single day:









Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

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Sex Trafficking in Atlanta relies heavy in the real estate arena. They post these banging ass condos and lofts for like $350 a month (especially for “female” students) and give you just a phone number to set up a “tour”. Be safe y’all.

Also in the job market!!! People are such easy targets because the job market is such trash here.

Y’all be safe out there!

I know how uncomfortable I am meeting people I meet online; most likely if I’m selling or buying something. I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable it is for women to do this.

Boost to raise awareness for trafficking in ATL and nationwide. They‘re preying on Black women spec. because we’re struggling more. 😡

And less likely to be covered on the news.

I live in Atlanta and currently looking for a place as my lease it up. But I’ve come across so much shady shit. Someone wanted to show me a house at night, no thanks. I had to block him after he kept texting me about meeting.

Also be on the look out for women too, a lot of times they present women to make you feel more comfortable meeting and doing things that aren’t the norm. Always be on the look out. Do a google search on the place to see what the history is like.

I always tell someone where I’m going, send all info I have. The place I’m looking at, who I am meeting, phone number.


Atlanta has the biggest (or busiest? can’t remember which) airport in the world. It’s a major trafficking hub. Be careful!!!


He told me I should carry [a gun]. “A small little woman like you,” he said. “Why’s that?” I asked. “You could get raped all the time.” I wish I could say I’d never heard that before. That an unarmed woman is vulnerable, that she can be overpowered in precisely that way. But women who advocate for gun control are told this kind of thing constantly.

Catherine Koebel, “A Resister in Gun Country”

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My college goes hard on combating sexual assault (we have seminars that athletes and frat guys have to go to, The sororities are given lessens on how to stay safe and help others, etc). The counseling center also does several different things each semester to bring awareness to the issue. This display is one of many that they’ve done this year.

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This is so so so so so fucking FUCKING accurate, oh my God!!

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