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Captain Marvel movie: *Carol gets told to smile, told to control her emotions, is told to prove herself*

Men: “I’m so sick of this feminist propaganda that Disney is shoving down our throats! Shit like that doesn’t happen, stop showing men in such a bad light!”

Me, a woman, who’s had every one of those things happen:

HONESTLY it’s been so clear, the difference in how men and women are responding to this movie.

all the women i’ve heard talk about it have loved it and been really excited.

and all the men (save for one) have been like “ehhhh” and taken issue with some aspect of the plot that is directly related to the main character being a girl (including the aforementioned moments).



The amount of people saying that hating white supremacy isn’t the answer to white supremacist violent, like…what?

The more you uwu them, give them space and a platform the more and further they spread, but keep going on about how the answer is love or some shit.

brietastic: This is part of why art that depic…


This is part of why art that depicts the female experience is so important because on one hand for women and girls it allows us to go ‘oh I have that experience too’ and those that aren’t in our bodies can look at it and go ‘wait, that happens to you?’ // Brie Larson for Yahoo





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“Nobody should be required to use beauty products to look professional!” Ok, Susan. Next time you go to a restaurant you tell me you don’t mind that the waitress who has the flu serves you food while looking into her sweaty face and at her red, swollen nose. Next time you go in for surgery have a talk with the surgeon who has bags under their eyes and looks like they’re on hardcore drugs due to their dry, split lips and irritated skin and tell me it’s not bothering you. Let’s be honest – none of us wants these illusions destroyed.

TIL not wearing make up is the same as serving food while being sick with a contagious illness

I’d rather sick waitresses get the opportunity to take time off than cover up the signs of contagious illness with cosmetics. Its kind of sociopathic if you think the problem in this example is how she *looks*.

I would also prefer a surgeon with a clean face over one with powders and etc. on her face that could unneccessarily contaminate the inside of my body. Makeup is considered “clean” by how it looks, but a face with cosmetics on it isnt a scrubbed, clean face: it has stuff applied to it. Mascara and powders are debris that can fall off.

Women’s actual faces arent somehow so filthy that we need to encase them in something else (sometimes toxic) to keep them from infecting others with our skin cooties. Its perfectly safe and professional for women to just wash their faces.

imagine thinking “i don’t want these ugly people to serve me” before “hey uh is she ok”

Yeah uh…if someone has the flu and is still at work, I’m a lot more concerned about the fact that—for everyone’s sake! theirs and their customers’!—they should not have to be at work. Like unpopular opinion but people should be able to take sick days.

Also if my surgeon is showing signs of fatigue and severe dehydration? Again, how pretty they look is the least of my worries.

Makeup shouldn’t actually be used to disguise the fact that someone is in no condition to be at work.


i am sick and tired of “dramatic” news stories in which girls’ worth is defined by their fathers’ judgment of them. so what if she’s a sugar baby or a stripper? daughters aren’t fathers’ property. fuck off with that nasty shit.





Anyone: Be respectful to women

Several hundred thousand men: ugh I used to be a big fan until you got all political ://///

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Our next supreme

Why American conservatives are quite out of touch and do not understand the real world.

You do not realize how cool as fuck this makes her sound.

sorry but i can’t help but laugh/cry at the fact that conservatives call any critique on their (male) leaders a “witch hunt” and yet this is just … this is as close as can be to an actual witch hunt.