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do you know esraa ghareeb ? Search about it pl…

do you know esraa ghareeb ? Search about it plz

I was not aware of her murder before this message but I’ve read about her now and the case breaks my heart.



Honestly I’m still bitter that the face of “internalized misogyny” is a socially awkward, tomboyish, usually teenaged girl (who’s blatantly coded as not straight lbr), as opposed to shit like queen bee adult ~beauty gurus~ who get their kicks and clout by viciously attacking other women for their looks, and make money peddling dangerous “weight loss shakes” to 13 year olds

beggars-opera: Once again, The Onion is not ev…


Once again, The Onion is not even in the general vicinity of fucking around

I just had a really strong facepalm moment. My…

I just had a really strong facepalm moment. My boyfriend pulled a 'you look cute without makeup' and I said I don't like it when 'people, especially men' say that to me. And he started saying that he doesn't appreciate being judged based on his gender and I should understand how that feels. Then he went on the path of 'not all men.' We ended up having quite a fight about it and he still didn't understand… How can I discuss these issues without fighting about them?

Honestly, it’s tough. Because it really shouldn’t be a fight. But so many men have been taught to be so automatically defensive when questioned , especially when it comes to gender lines, which is societal and isn’t necessarily any fault of their own- unless they refuse to try and understand/empathize, at which point I would argue that it does become willful. I would say that it needs to be a conversation from the get-go and, if he’s not open to it, that’s when you need to really take a step back and think about if he’s … well, worth it, I guess.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions because I’ve encountered both men who had just never thought about the whole situation before and had never questioned themselves AND men who just flat-out refused to even think about it and refused to change. I would say just be sincere, be resolute, but remember it’s not your job to coddle him or hold his hand on the path to being better. If he doesn’t want to listen, don’t break your back trying to change him.

It’s hard to navigate. I wish I had a better answer.



me: women are scrutinized over every aspect of their being and are taught from birth to be self conscious about their face, their eyes, their nose, their lips, the way they sound, the way they laugh, how they do their hair, how they do their makeup, what their body looks like, what they wear, what they don’t wear, how they greet you, how they celebrate, how they eat….

man who is very intelligent: well movies created by men about their own male power fantasies expect me to have abs. it goes both ways



“Where were you when the earth burned?”

they will ask, and we will explain to them

about Brexit and Trump and Fake News

and billionaires and corporate taxes and big oil

and how it wasn’t just the earth burning,

but also Afghanistan and Syria and Yemen

and Kashmir and Sudan were bleeding too

and the ice caps were melting

and the coral reef was dying

and the tigers and leopards

and elephants were going extinct

and of course, so many of us were fighting

but the well of truth was poisoned

and how no one believed their eyes

or pictures or scientists anymore,

How does one fight monsters

when there are an eternity of them

to fight, we promise, we promise, we tried.

“Where were you when the earth burned?”

they will ask, and we will hold our hands out,

hold theirs and say, “we too, like you,

were hoping, praying, wishing…

and just trying to survive.”

When The Earth Burned, Nikita Gill








Your daughters do not exist to give you grandchildren

Or domestic labour by the age of 7

And they’re not a mini-mom for their siblings either

Or be your personal therapist.

They’re not here to live the life you wish you had.

The last one is important for sons, as well. Your children are not an extension of you.








there really is no excuse for media to be this saturated with the fact that so many shows revolve around teens having sex. you could easily make these shows based on adults. you want an unoriginal school setting? college exists. even better graduate school exists. 



“All men support and perpetuate sexism and sexist oppression in one form or another … Like women, men have been socialized to passively accept sexist ideology. While they need not blame themselves for accepting sexism, they must assume responsibility for eliminating it.”

— bell hooks, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center