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School dress codes aren’t only sexists, but there’s also racist and islamophobic.

I (First Nations, Mohawk) used to have hair past my chest but my middle school forced me to cut my hair because “boys couldn’t have hair past the tips of the ear” (I’m not a boy either, but they assigned me ‘boy’ as a gender) but even when I begged them to let me keep my hair because of spiritual beliefs, they forced me to cut it. A classic move of the white school system against native children. I got a referral everyday for the 65 days I refused to cut my hair. I cried for two weeks after the principal took scissors to my hair. I’m still growing it back.

My best friend (who is an aboriginal Egyptian) was once told to remove her hijab (also a gift I had given her) because “hats weren’t allowed” (a mixture of racism and islamophobia), she reluctantly took it off.

In middle school again, my friend Nemo ( First Nations, Navajo) was told she couldn’t wear her traditional clothing on her 13 birthday, celebrating her reaching puberty. She was sent home and forced to spend her birthday alone while her parents worked.

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday, an important life event in Mohawk culture (becoming an adult) and I want to wear my traditional clothes to school, especially because I’ll have to celebrate all alone this year since I live far away from my nation. Even though my school doesn’t have uniforms or a strict dress code, I’m afraid they’ll tell me that my clothes or very light face paint are “distracting” and tell me to take off my traditional jewellery (headband, choker, bracelets) or wash off the face paint.

I’m sure these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to racism in the school dress code, and general school systems. White culture is enforced in everything from the dress code to the curriculum.

many european countries explicitly prohibit wearing headscarves like the hijab in schools, too

Oh my god. And I thought school dress codes were only sexist. This is a whole new level.

don’t forget african-american students being sent home for or forbidden from wearing their natural hairstyles



The act of simply enjoying life as a fat woman is revolutionary. Everyone expects you to hate yourself and to be full of a desire to meet their imagined level of adequacy. When you actively refuse to loathe your body and your life, you draw the line in the sand. You demonstrate that you will not allow yourself to be dehumanized and controlled.



“True gender equality is actually perceived as inequality. A group that is made up of 50% women is perceived as being mostly women. A situation that is perfectly equal between men and women is perceived as being biased in favor of women.
And if you don’t believe me, you’ve never been a married woman who kept her family name. I have had students hold that up as proof of my “sexism.” My own brother told me that he could never marry a woman who kept her name because “everyone would know who ruled that relationship.” Perfect equality – my husband keeps his name and I keep mine – is held as a statement of superiority on my part.”

— – Lucy, When Worlds Collide: Fandom and Male Privilege. (via seaofbadstories)



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why were dinosaurs ‘boys culture’ in elementary?? why did we designate the giant extinct reptiles for one specific gender, what the fuck

why were horses for girls, both these creatures are equally terrifying and yet we write Pony Detective books for girls and give plastic toy dinos to boys

why do we do this, why are we like this, why were dinosaurs for boys smh

It’s time to stop segregating nature by gender. When the dinosaurs come back they’re gonna kill us all equally and indiscriminately anyways.

equal opportunity carnage

plannedparenthood: A proposed Trump/Pence poli…


A proposed Trump/Pence policy is attempting to take away your basic rights. We have until July 31 to submit comments against this gag rule that violates medical ethics. The gag rule would:

  • Impose new rules designed to make it impossible for millions of patients to get birth control or preventive care from Planned Parenthood.
  • Under this rule, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and community health centers across the country would no longer be able to refer their patients for safe, legal abortion.
  • Remove the guarantee that you’re getting full and accurate information about your health care from your doctor. For nearly two decades, Title X law has been clear: Health care providers cannot withhold information from you about your pregnancy options. This rule means they can.
  • Delete the requirement that contraception provided be medically approved, and no longer directs providers to ensure you have access to the full range of birth control.

We have a chance to stop this rule, but we need your help>>>>





there’s this moment of awareness for a girl when she realizes her legs (and/or arms, armpits, upper lip…) are unacceptable.

she’s just minding her own business, bopping along, when maybe a classmate starts mocking her for having visible body hair. or she goes to a sleepover and someone points out that her legs look different from all the other girls’. or she walks in on her mom shaving and asks why, and the answer is “because a woman’s body looks nicer this way.” or maybe her mother or sister actually approaches her and says, “looks like it’s time you learned to shave that jungle.”

the point is, the day before that realization, however it happened, the girl didn’t give a shit about her hair. she put on shorts and tank tops without a second thought. she didn’t feel unclean. she didn’t feel like a monster when she looked in the mirror (at least not because of body hair). her hair didn’t stop her from riding a bike or climbing a tree.

only after someone draws her attention to it does she start feeling self-conscious and wanting to remove it. removal, in this culture, is never a choice made free of coercion. it’s never born of a girl’s own naturally occurring desires. the seed of shame was planted in her by someone else (family, friends, bullies, magazines, razor commercials) and chances are that seed will stay with her forever- a sinking realization that her body can be wrong, that she can look ugly or dirty even when clean, that a thing she never even noticed about herself before should be a source of retroactive humiliation.

that feeling is like a scar. every time we look at it, the humiliation and judgment we experienced as kids comes rushing back and the little nasty patriarchal voice in our heads (the same one that says shit like “jesus you’re getting fat,” “ugh why did you think you could pull off this outfit,” “god who would ever want to touch THOSE boobs,” etc) says “ugh, looks like it’s time I shaved that jungle.” and it’s just parroting back what we’ve already been told.




Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

I’ve gotten more angry asks about this post than I have actual reblogs.

semitics: Lundy Bancroft talks about what Uma …


Lundy Bancroft talks about what Uma Thurman is saying and honestly I think it’s something a lot of women have to wrestle with and reconcile the truth that people do not do things especially cruel and terrible to you “because they love you”

it is HIGH DAMN TIME we stop normalizing abusive behavior. stop telling little girls that the boys who torment them are only doing it because they like them!!!