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What do you feel about parents using the your …

What do you feel about parents using the your not 18 thing against their kids to make them do something they dont want to do cause they are scared to death about it?

I think it’s shitty and abusive. The ideas that parents own and unconditionally control their children until said children are legally free is disgusting and is used to legitimize a lot of shit that shouldn’t fly.


idk if the Cold is going around where y’all live but, if it is, or even if it isn’t (yet), i sincerely hope none of y’all get it. i legitimately think i’m going to cough a lung out.


“Top Chef” fan favorite Chef Fatima Ali has revealed that she only has one year to live.

Fati, as she is known to friends and fans alike, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, shortly after completing filming for season 15 of “Top Chef.” After completing months of aggressive treatment, it was thought that she was cancer-free, but a recent scan showed that her disease has not only returned but is now terminal. Her doctors have determined that, regardless of treatment, she likely only has one year to live.

Fatima wrote a piece for Bon Appétit, reflecting on her life, aspirations, and how she is handling her prognosis.

Fellow “Top Chef” contestant Adrienne Cheatham has started a GoFundMe with the goal of helping Fatima live out as many dreams as possible in the time she has left.


so … how do i tell if i have a fever if my normal body temp usually chills in the 97.5 range.

‘cause i my throat hurts and my head hurts and my muscles ache like i have a fever but last time i checked i was sitting at 98.4. which is higher than it was yesterday but still lower than the whole 98.6-normal-human-zone.


if a man acts like your life should revolve around accomodating him/his wants/his “needs,” DROP HIS ASS.


my mom is so frustrated and angry and upset because of the Kavanaugh decision that she says she keeps imagining a mob of angry women literally tearing him limb from limb.



In my job, I have a variety of files to choose to work on. It’s just the nature of the job.

But if one of the files is a Title IX or other sexual assault case, I am instantly wayyyyyy more likely to choose that file.

Because, even though it’s painful and depressing and frustrating to listen to those interviews and testimonies, at least, even in the smallest of ways, I am helping that victim’s case move forward. Hopefully, I am a part of their journey to justice.


i’m back to the “American Horror Story” pilot.

weird-looking Ben is yelling at human goddess Connie Britton that it’s her fault he cheated because she got a dog to help cope with her emotional pain instead of fucking him whenever he wanted.

and it’s like … godddddd men suck.

also evan peters is still ridiculously hot.

and jessica lange is an icon, a queen.

and taissa farmiga’s face is annoyingly symmetrical.


currently testing my own courage and how resistant i am to the misery of my own anxiety disorder by watching “american horror story” by myself at 6:00 a.m. while tired and slightly drunk.

we’ll see how long this lasts.

(i really want to watch the show, every season, it’s just that i’m awful with jump scares and AHS fucking relies on jump scares)


you know what’s exhausting?

that my family members, when senator feinstein was mentioned, didn’t mention her career. her track record of dedication to her job and the people of america. her passion. her strength. her courage.


they said they disagree with her politics but they “respect” her.

and then they added, and expanded on, and kept going on about, that she must have been soooooo pretty when she was younger. but now she looks so old, my god. she looks so old.

they’re my family, i love them. but oh my god.