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so about a year ago, i turned on text notifications for my county’s twitter and the power company’s twitter because a storm blew out our wi-fi and then power but i wanted to be able to keep up with the county’s severe weather alerts, and also maybe get some idea of when the power would be back.

it ended up being pretty helpful (especially the weather updates, and the county also tends to send out alerts about downed power lines, fallen trees, road closures, et cetera, which is very handy) so i figured i’d let y’all know about it, just in case you live in severe weather-prone areas or end up dealing with any sort of natural disaster and lose power/internet access. i don’t know if all counties/utilities companies have twitter and regularly use it, but it might be worth looking into, especially now that we’re getting into storm season.


you’d have to really really try to be as generic as taylor swift. i say this as both a feminist and a musician/vocalist.


okay but how did the sect of men who whine about how women never go for nice guys completely miss the generation-spanning group of women who fell head over heels in love with jim halpert


so there’s all that advice for people with depression that’s like “just go outside! wash your hair!” and honestly it’s all infuriating and patronizing and awful but sometimes doing those things really can help you feel more normal/stable. so my best advice in that lane, from one depressed person to another? just brush your teeth.

like, you don’t even have to make a real extra effort. next time you go to the bathroom, just brush your teeth, even if it’s a 20 second, shitty-ass job of it.

your mouth will taste better, which is a totally underrated feeling. you will have accomplished something. AND taking care of your teeth will save you so many problems down the road.

idk. maybe this only works for me, but it really does do something. i feel healthier and more functional. and it’s so easy to just stack with a trip to pee. so i thought i’d put it out there.

What do you think of Denmark's new ban on…

What do you think of Denmark's new ban on any “garment that hides the face in public”/veil ban?

to be honest, i haven’t heard anything about it, but i think it’s very important to highlight because i think we often idealize the scandinavian countries as being way ahead of everyone else in terms of equality and it’s important to point out that, while they may have some things right, there are still serious issues going on that can’t be ignored.


it might be because i’m a little drunk or because i’ve read a few sad news stories in a row but like … all i want in this world is for everyone who is hurting to be happy. i remember before i started paying attention to really anything at all, how i prided myself on never crying, but now i cry all the time because so much of this world is so sad and so scary and so sick and so painful to learn about and know the truth about, and it feels so beyond my control. and honestly sometimes it feels like, no matter what i do, nothing will ever make a difference. it’ll just keep going on this way. and it’s just so hard to keep dragging myself through the sludge and the misery of all this injustice and evil and greed and complacency, and to keep trying to push through to the other side. 


i already loved john oliver’s show but this interview with anita hill is just 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


is there anything more horrifying yet somehow not at all unexpected when some dude you knows starts ranting about how women accusing actors of sexual misconduct just want the chance to be on TV

and is like “the major network people like bill o’reilly being accused probably did something but, c’mon, not these guys” seriously. SERIOUSLY.

WHAT THE FUCK MAN but also why am i not surprised 🙄


Hey, so NARAL Pro-Choice America has made a super simple form letter that you can fill out and send to your senators calling for them to vote against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee! 

As NARAL says on the webpage for the letter:

Brett Kavanaugh is a dangerous anti-choice ideologue who could be the deciding vote that overturns or guts Roe v. Wade, dismantling our federal protections to abortion, threatening the reproductive freedom of millions, and punishing women.

All you really have to do is fill out your basic info and hit “send” (though you can also edit the body of the message if you want), so it only takes like a minute to do.

So, as the NARAL site says: 

Demand your senators vote NO on Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh!


i was on vacation with my family over the last week and it’s been unexpectedly difficult to shift back into real life mode, not like routine-wise or anything but emotionally. i guess it was just really nice to have a week where i could sort of not think about all the stresses/pressures i normally have to sort of navigate/handle and now my brain/heart is like “noooo. don’t make me go back there.”