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Can we have a moment of silence for all the actors of colour who have been made to act along with stupidly racist scripts, women who have had to smile and make a joke out of the director’s misogyny, lgbt actors who must act like a stereotype to get a laugh out of an audience, all because they need this job and there isn’t anything better out there. Can we just acknowledge how hard it must be to bite their tongues and say “why yes you can make a crude joke out of who I am, because I need to eat tonight”.



Normalize bare faces in ALL settings. Makeup should not be a requirement for beauty, professionalism or hygiene. Normalize the idea that if applying makeup isn’t enjoyable there’s no reason to be wearing it. Then destroy the elitism within makeup culture and destroy the idea that makeup as a hobby requires spending a lot of money.

gahdamnpunk: And that’s tea


And that’s tea


okay but how did the sect of men who whine about how women never go for nice guys completely miss the generation-spanning group of women who fell head over heels in love with jim halpert

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awkward how reassuring i find this

well ya duh society shames speech patterns associated with young women

“Speech fillers” are just a human’s way of saying “wait a sec I’m thinking”. It means we think more before we speak, always trying to find the right way to say it. Every language has them. And people shouldn’t be annoyed by it, ever.

just to reiterate because it’s a personal pet peeve of mine: “society shames speech patterns associated with young women


is there anything more horrifying yet somehow not at all unexpected when some dude you knows starts ranting about how women accusing actors of sexual misconduct just want the chance to be on TV

and is like “the major network people like bill o’reilly being accused probably did something but, c’mon, not these guys” seriously. SERIOUSLY.

WHAT THE FUCK MAN but also why am i not surprised 🙄



Honestly it’s so wild how men, when hearing about feminism, immediately zone in on being able to hit a woman like they would a man. Listen! It’s illegal for a man to hit a man too! It’s called assault! And it says a lot about you that what you want to talk about is equal rights when it comes to laying your hands on someone!




I hate that “teenager” is a genre of porn. I hate that men can be so disgustingly obvious about their attraction to very young girls and fetishise the idea about being finally allowed to have sex with them and no one sees it as inherently twisted. That society as a whole accepts this and doesn’t banish them to an island like misfit toys seems wrong.

Stop fetishising the idea of a girl still having one foot in childhood.



basically, woc or trans women saying “i’m not really a feminist” bc they’ve been alienated by mainstream feminism is different from a str8 white boy saying “i disagree with feminism” bc he doesn’t think women are people



One of the major issues with the “That could’ve been my mother, sister, daughter” response to women’s murder and abuse is that it relies on respectability politics. No one has that response to sex workers, trans + gay women, homeless women, etc. when they are killed; despite actually being the most common targets. There are women you probably wouldn’t consider family, they deserve life, too.

That is why it’s necessary to assert women’s right to live solely because they are human, not because of their hypothetical relation to you. This is emphasized for black women.