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do you know esraa ghareeb ? Search about it pl…

do you know esraa ghareeb ? Search about it plz

I was not aware of her murder before this message but I’ve read about her now and the case breaks my heart.



Honestly I’m still bitter that the face of “internalized misogyny” is a socially awkward, tomboyish, usually teenaged girl (who’s blatantly coded as not straight lbr), as opposed to shit like queen bee adult ~beauty gurus~ who get their kicks and clout by viciously attacking other women for their looks, and make money peddling dangerous “weight loss shakes” to 13 year olds





Morning after pill is like ~40 at most pharmacies I think? Reblog to save a life lol

Remember also if you’re over a certain weight it wont work at all!

Plan B loses effectiveness at about 165lb and does not appear to work at all for women over 175lb (74kg and 79kg respectively). More information can be found in this article here (x)

So, if you are over 165lb and under 175lb there still is a chance that Plan B will work for you, and it may be worth a try. If the pill will not work for you, you can call Planned Parenthood to find out what your options are, their contact information can be found here (x)

If you find that the pill did not work or it is too late for you to use it, look into places around you that offer ‘plan c’ (mifepristone, or the ‘abortion pill’). When doing this, please be incredibly wary of fake abortion clinics. These are typically called Family Planning Centers, Women’s Health Centers, Pregnancy Crisis Centers or something similar. This video goes over them in a lot better then I could ever hope to (here). 

You can get Plan C online here (x) or often at you local Planned Parenthood. The Mayo Clinic has a page on the general risks of abortions here if anyone would like to read it (x) and the National Abortion Federation has a page with commonly asked questions and dispelling the myths here (x). 

In the end, you deserve to have your choices respected. You deserve to get the help you need. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Do not let anyone disrespect your choice. I hope the information I have provided is helpful to anyone who may need it. 

If the links above don’t work, I am going to have them under the read more below, you have a right to information about all the options that you have in regards to your body and your health. Please reblog this so that it can reach anyone who may need this, thank you!

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currently remembering how freakin’ iconic Kissin’ Kate Barlow was. and what a heavy story to present to kids! yes, louis sachar.






I find it infinitely conflicting that the only role I have ever actually liked Leonardo DiCaprio in is as Arnie as “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”

Which I fell in love with long before I understood issues of ableism and media representation and all that. And long before it was revealed that Johnny is sort of a majorly shitty person.

I know now that it could’ve been done better. But it’s hard to let go of my old love of that film (and Johnny’s absurd red wig).

beggars-opera: Once again, The Onion is not ev…


Once again, The Onion is not even in the general vicinity of fucking around