alrighty so i have a question about cultural appropriation.

my grandmother was adopted and from a rather young age she was certain her birth family was Greek. now, i don’t know her full reasoning for thinking this, but i know part of it was that she was adopted from a heavily greek-american area during the Second World War when there was a heavy influx of migration in said area. regardless, she was certain she was greek for most of her life, and really worked to immerse herself as much as possible in that culture.

as such, my mom (and subsequently I) was raised on this idea that our family was greek, and therefore we thought we were also partly greek. and because of this, i used to wear a bracelet with mati (evil eye) on it. and i wore that bracelet until it literally fell apart. my wrist feels naked without it.

but my grandmother recently did the ancestry dna thing and found out that she’s not at all greek.

so now i feel very strange about having worn that bracelet/wanting to still wear it. because i thought it was my culture for my whole life, but now i’ve learned it isn’t. and i’m not sure how to handle that.

i was looking into buying a new mati bracelet, that’s how much i missed it. but now i think it would be wrong to wear it.

i guess my question isn’t so much as a question as just a bit of confusion i’m trying to work out.





Captain Marvel movie: *Carol gets told to smile, told to control her emotions, is told to prove herself*

Men: “I’m so sick of this feminist propaganda that Disney is shoving down our throats! Shit like that doesn’t happen, stop showing men in such a bad light!”

Me, a woman, who’s had every one of those things happen:

HONESTLY it’s been so clear, the difference in how men and women are responding to this movie.

all the women i’ve heard talk about it have loved it and been really excited.

and all the men (save for one) have been like “ehhhh” and taken issue with some aspect of the plot that is directly related to the main character being a girl (including the aforementioned moments).



The amount of people saying that hating white supremacy isn’t the answer to white supremacist violent, like…what?

The more you uwu them, give them space and a platform the more and further they spread, but keep going on about how the answer is love or some shit.



YES. Fight against fascism and white supremacy 💪

Have that it took a terrorist against the Muslim community but it’s a victory!

You know you’re a fucked up shit-ass slime goblin when your response to a mass murder isn’t that the murderer was barbaric, it’s that the victims were.


I got a pizza earlier and just now was eating part of it. I guess the pineapple bin must be near the bin of a topping I ordered because I just bit down on a chunk of pineapple.

I am allergic to pineapple.



Good on him for speaking up for himself and his siblings.



Do not say their names.
Do not read their manifesto.
Do not watch the video.

Screw those right wing extremist, white supremacist fucks.

Please show your love and support for all Muslim communities across the globe. The survivors of this tragedy are the ones we should be looking to.