Hey, I have a question about your opinion on c…

Hey, I have a question about your opinion on cutting people out because of political opinions. Do you think it's good, or just pointless, and petty?

Answering this is a little difficult because I think the acceptability of it has to do with different circumstances and opinions, but I’m going to try to explain how I feel about it.

For me? I personally probably would never cut someone off because of differences in political opinions because, as a straight, white woman, I don’t ever feel like the people I surround myself with are degrading me and my right to exist. If I had a “friend” who thought I deserved to die because I’m a female, I probably would cut them off because that’s a little threatening—however, wanting women to die isn’t really a huge, common occurrence in America, so replace female with a minority title—something that is more commonly disrespected in America (gay, black, etc)—and I think it’s pretty justified. Does that make sense?

It just depends on what’s been said and to whom, and how it affects each person involved. A minority cutting off someone they have discovered is a bigot is reasonable. A straight, cis male cutting off another straight, cis male just because they had a small disagreement is a little immature in my own opinion. But also, anything that affects you or your mental health in a negative way is reason enough to cut someone off, and this isn’t even just strictly referring to politics; if you feel unsafe talking to someone, you aren’t obligated to stay friends with them.

I think the best way to differentiate my thoughts on what is petty/childish and what is not is to ask the following questions: is this person suggesting I shouldn’t have rights? is this person suggesting I am less important because I am ____________? is this person supporting extreme notions? is this person calling for the death of people who are ____________? If the answers are yes, then I would say it’s justified to cut them off. Cutting someone off for disagreeing on a general issue (gun control, abortion) that doesn’t involve a demographic’s right to exist? Maybe if it’s affecting you severely, but this isn’t as justified IMO.

Complex answer: it depends (see above). Simple answer: no, it isn’t bad to do.