So, if im a boy and i want to compliment a gir…

So, if im a boy and i want to compliment a girl, idk on her make up or clothes and etc, will it not make her uncomfortable? Not in a hit up way more of a i like your style, would it be ok? Im sorry if it sounds stupid sfjjxfxkhd im bad at communicating

I know what you mean. For most women, no, a general compliment won’t offend or scare them—and might actually brighten their day tremendously. I think a good rule of thumb in situations like these are if it’s sexual, don’t say it.

Respectful/safe examples:
– your eyebrows look so good!
– your makeup is poppin!
– I love your outfit!
– nice shoes!
– your hair looks so pretty like that!

Disrespectful/unsafe examples:
– nice tits!
– your body is so sexy
– you have a big ass
– *wolf whistling*
– I bet you’re good in bed

Given, every person is different. Some women may like being complimented on their body, but a lot of us don’t, ESPECIALLY when the compliments are coming from strangers. Basically, if your goal is to not make anyone uncomfortable or to avoid the possibility of making someone uncomfortable, the “respectful examples” are some decent ones to stick to. Anything semi-flirty or sexual can be risky.

I appreciate the fact that you cared enough to ask and don’t want to upset anyone. thank you for the kindness and consideration. have a great day! 💛