by iwritefeminism on instagram

Drunk consent is not rape. If you don’t want to have drunk sex, then don’t drink. END OF STORY.

I’m going to ignore the absolute moron logic you used (“if you don’t want to have drunk sex, then don’t drink”), but just know that it’s absolutely moronic. You probably don’t realize just how silly it is because you implemented it, but gosh.

Drunk consent is rape because you are intoxicated. To clarify that, intoxicated means “cause (someone) to lose control of their faculties or behavior.” Agreeing to something when you aren’t in control of your thoughts or actions isn’t genuinely agreeing to something. Approving of something when you aren’t in your right mind isn’t genuine approval. Drunkenness isn’t consent. It’s really not that difficult. Don’t let ignorance (or maybe your own past?) drive you and your ability to reason.

Here is one for ya, what if they are intoxicated but you cant tell because that is only how you see them and they take advantage of you.

All the details aside, whatever scenario: the same way drunkenness isn’t consent, it isn’t an excuse either. If a sober person is unconsenting and being taken advantage of sexually by a drunk person, that’s still rape. Or assault. Drunken murder is still murder, drunken theft is still theft, drunken rape is still rape: intoxication is not an excuse to commit a crime.