by iwritefeminism on instagram

Drunk consent is not rape. If you don’t want to have drunk sex, then don’t drink. END OF STORY.

I’m going to ignore the absolute moron logic you used (“if you don’t want to have drunk sex, then don’t drink”), but just know that it’s absolutely moronic. You probably don’t realize just how silly it is because you implemented it, but gosh.

Drunk consent is rape because you are intoxicated. To clarify that, intoxicated means “cause (someone) to lose control of their faculties or behavior.” Agreeing to something when you aren’t in control of your thoughts or actions isn’t genuinely agreeing to something. Approving of something when you aren’t in your right mind isn’t genuine approval. Drunkenness isn’t consent. It’s really not that difficult. Don’t let ignorance (or maybe your own past?) drive you and your ability to reason.

Does that apply to when both parties are drunk?

In my own opinion, yes, though it’s a bit more complex. (A lot of films typically depict this as a regret, or a mistake, or a “I can’t believe that happened” though because both parties are at fault and neither was capable of being 100% aware and reasonable, meaning no one can really be blamed—does that make sense? This is one of those “depends on who you ask” scenarios, as in you might get different answers from different people. I still consider it a form of rape because the consent wasn’t sober, but on the other hand, like I said before, there wasn’t a voice of reason to prevent the situation from happening unless there was a sober third party member involved somehow. So it’s like…more understandable? But still not really excusable.)

Drunkenness is not consent for any gender. Drunkenness is not consent for any number of people involved. We all know drunk people are not always capable of making good decisions, or of making decisions they would normally agree to when sober: it’s not an excuse to steal, it’s not an excuse to murder, it’s not an excuse for anything.

Again, this is my own opinion.

The only exception to this is when all parties involved discuss before the intoxication what is and is not okay. For example, if you and the other person(s) have made plans that include drinking/smoking/whatever for later, and you wish to include sexual activity, detail *when you are all sober* what you are and are not comfortable with, and highlight that “these are my rules, regardless of what I say once intoxicated” or something equal. For some, they do consent and want the things to happen, but are aware that they feel more pleasure or get more out of the experience when buzzed (like my grey ace ass occasionally does). Write that shit down if you need to. Then re-confirm by stating the things again when you’ve completed whatever level of intoxication you’re going with, and do not under any circumstances do anything additional.

Clear, sober, detailed consent is the only acceptable consent.