so there’s all that advice for people with depression that’s like “just go outside! wash your hair!” and honestly it’s all infuriating and patronizing and awful but sometimes doing those things really can help you feel more normal/stable. so my best advice in that lane, from one depressed person to another? just brush your teeth.

like, you don’t even have to make a real extra effort. next time you go to the bathroom, just brush your teeth, even if it’s a 20 second, shitty-ass job of it.

your mouth will taste better, which is a totally underrated feeling. you will have accomplished something. AND taking care of your teeth will save you so many problems down the road.

idk. maybe this only works for me, but it really does do something. i feel healthier and more functional. and it’s so easy to just stack with a trip to pee. so i thought i’d put it out there.