homodistribution: I know that a lot of desper…


I know that a lot of desperate and in need people post things like this on here all the time, but at this time in my life it seems that I’m left with little to no other options.

This post was made by my mother and so is very long and complicated, as she tends to be (something I say lovingly), so I will try to simplify the situation here as well as tell a bit about myself and how this situation drastically effects me.

The long and short of it is that my mother was supposed to get some thousands of dollars in student loans that she did not get because of a misunderstanding when filling out the forms for her student loans.

Because of this we have had to move into a mobile home almost 30 mins from where I work, which is particularly bad because our car broke down soon after our move, meaning it is almost impossible for me to get to my two jobs without outsider help, which can only last so long and go so far.

Not only has this put our shelter, housing, and overall well being in danger, but it has also put all of our goals and dreams on hold.

I personally am a pre-everything gay trans man, and I obviously cannot pay for any kind of treatment if I can’t get to my jobs, and I doubt I will be able to start college any time in the near future if we can’t even pay the rent for our mobile home.

Tldr for this and gofundme page:
Single mother and trans son need help buying car to get to jobs and live in general. Literally any money helps and I get it if you aren’t in the position to help out right now.

Thank you so much.


PayPal: amberawood@gmail.com