adriennemakesthings: abstract paintings for s…


abstract paintings for sale! 🖌🎨💛🌸

between saving for college and saving to move out, I’m in a bit of a money bind and am doing what I can to make some extra cash. hence the paintings!

– each canvas is 8×10
– each canvas is flat
– each row is one painting displayed in various ways
– one painting costs $10
– the backs are bare with the occasional splat of color
– purchases conducted through PayPal

they are being sold for $10. I’m hoping to start commissions at some point, but until then, here’s what I’ve got.

🎨 IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please send me a message either on here (via @adriennemakesthings or @feministism) or shoot an email to

if you aren’t interested in purchasing/can’t, please reblog this to help a sister out! thank you :’)