2 reasons why overprotective fathers don’t actually keep their daughters safe:

1. If you’re relying on scaring her boyfriend in order to stop him from being abusive, it won’t work if you’re still going to scare him anyway whether he’s abusive or not.

2. If you threaten all of your daughter’s boyfriends, she won’t know how to recognize when one of them is abusive. If you normally allow her to choose who she dates then this one time you don’t approve, she’s more likely to listen. But if you threaten all of her boyfriends even if they’re not abusive, then she won’t notice a difference when you do the exact same thing to someone who actually abuses her.

Adding to number 2 – she’s going to grow up thinking it’s normal for men to be controlling over whom she sees, and therefore more likely to be involved with an abusive partner because you’ve taught her that it’s OK for someone to behave that way. So when if boyfriend starts controlling who she can hang out with, she wont see it as a red flag.