all i have to say on breastfeeding is that the fact that it is even slightly controversial is just one of the many symptoms of a lecherous, sex-obsessed society. it’s an insult to the dignity of women.

How dare society be concerned about public decency?!

(that was sarcasm)

Nobody is stopping you from breastfeeding in private.

But in public, where it could be seen by children, trauma-stricken war veterans, or the elderly?

There is a case to be made that they should be able to go about their lawful business without being exposed to the areolas of strange women with nefarious agendas.

trauma stricken veterans of what

the titty wars?

Don’t be crass!

I apologise, I meant of course

The Wars of the Breast (1967-1969)

The Battle of Wounded Titty

“strange women with nefarious agendas”

Ahh yes… The nefarious agendas……like feeding their. children………..

dude’s initial response just proves the whole point of the OP.

the only reason people would think it’s inappropriate for anyone to see someone breastfeeding (which is basically their argument, just that it’s inappropriate) is because society has sexualized that particular piece of anatomy to the point that its actual primary function is forgotten and its seen only as something sexual.