beardie-fella: feministism: if you’re a body…



if you’re a body shamer, SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH. idgaf if you have good intentions, it’s called being kind and respecting people’s decisions that only affect themselves

nonbinary friends can or can’t shave
genderfluid friends can or can’t shave
male friends can or can’t shave
female friends can or can’t shave

anyone can or can’t shave

its whatever they wanna do to THEMSELVES. not you

That’s fine, but don’t expect to get laid if you have big old bushes under your arms. Fucking disgusting.

This is what feminism has to offer to the world. Imagine a respectable, classy woman. Feminism aims to destroy that.

fun fact: women don’t do everything to get laid and please you! shocking!!

fun fact: with that logic, your “bushes” are also disgusting because both are just hair! that includes the bush on your face! (also, are you actually repulsed by body hair? grow up!)

another fun fact: feminism doesn’t aim to destroy any type of woman—if you took the time to look over my blog or understand what feminism actually is, you’d know that feminism encourages women to DO WHAT THEY WANT and BE THE TYPE OF PERSON THE WANT (you wanna be a sex worker? be a sex worker. you wanna be a chef? be a chef. you wanna be a housewife? be a housewife), given that it’s what they want rather than what they’ve been subjected to (and isn’t abusive or anything like that).