an example of how NOT to start a debate with m…

an example of how NOT to start a debate with me.

if you’re interested in having a conversation, know that I
A) won’t give the time if you’re rude and crude and insulting, because that shows immaturity, disrespect, and bias. I would much rather talk to someone willing to listen and exchange beliefs politely, and am more likely to address your questions if you’re civil—especially over someone that comes at me accusatory and hypocritically. That’s how you get somewhere in a discussion.
B) don’t be contradictory, just for your own sake if you are going to be an asshole, because then your whole case is lessened. This person says “I would ask for a debate, but we both know you wouldn’t accept or argue like an adult if you did” even though they’re the ones acting childishly, and even though later they say “this is a pretty good place to start our little discussion.” Did you not just say you weren’t going to ask for a debate?
C) I don’t get baited into debates because I don’t fall for guilt trips, especially from people who were previously disrespectful: “if you’re mature enough to even try to back up your views that is.” (Taunting is something I did to my brother when I was six; get a new tactic.) Plus, though I’m addressing a side topic here, I’d say it’s probably more mature to ignore the trolly assholes rather than give into their demands. just a thought tho

anyway, it’s really not difficult to get into a discussion with me. While I’m headstrong with my own beliefs, I’m pretty open minded to others because I realize we all think differently and have various opinions, experiences, upbringings, etc. Plus, I’m always interested in hearing why others think the way they do.
Literally all I ask is that you be civil and respectful. It’s not hard, y’all. 🙂