Coccinellidae in support of the Feminist Library – 19th May

coccinellidaeCoccinellidae in support of the Feminist Library
Saturday, 19th May, 2pm – 3pm
Tickets, £15
A six-foot woman and a sex doll are smashing ceilings in aid of the Feminist Library!

A new theatre production coming to the Feminist Library is not just by a woman and about women, but includes 100s of women as part of a unique soundscape! Coccinellidae is an unapologetic exploration into the apologetic world of women which asks: “What if we maximised a woman rather than shrinking her?” Coccinellidae playfully challenges the constraints of femininity. Women are supposed to be small – small in size, small in voice, small in opinion and small in ambition, so it’s not surprising that sex dolls – young-looking, compliant, small, silent sex dolls – represent every ugly facet of that belief. Come along and cut patriarchy down to size!