we had like our senior awards/senior slideshow today (ya girl’s an honor student!!) and everyone was so emotional and keeps posting about how they’re gonna miss high school and how it’s their last time here but like…..I can’t relate. i feel bad because I literally do not care about graduating at all or the “memories” or whatever because my high school experience was incredibly mediocre and I’m ready to get tf out into the real world

not sure the point of this, just so freakin ready to leave lol

also just want to note to all of y’all graduating like me or still in school; there is more to life than those walls. high school is a popularity contest that ends once high school does because the real world doesn’t care about things high school cares about, ya know? if someone’s bullying you or things aren’t going so great, I promise that when you leave it all gets left there. high school is a tiny percentage of your life and is incomparable to the things you’ll do and see in the future, so keep holding on and prove everyone wrong and do what makes you happy and all that jazz. you got this