justice for noura


As you may have seen in your twitter feed, a young Sudanese by the name of Noura Hussein is being sentenced for death after fatally stabbing her rapist, a man who she was unwillingly supposed to marry. She was turned in by her parents to the police. The court sentenced her to death, a court where the legal marriage age is 10, and marital rape is legal. She has fifteen days left to live and to appeal to the court. The issue here is the culture behind rape. The fact that a woman can be used like a toy by her husband and there be no repercussions against him, demeans a woman’s status and character in the entire country. The fact that her own family put her in this situation is very telling of the culture in many muslim majority countries today.

The culture in muslim majority countries and third world countries for that matter, is very misogynistic and patriarchal. Many children are forced into marriage at a young age and have to choose mothering children over their education. This is something we need to change, and we cannot stop at Noura. Everyday, cases similar to Noura’s go without being heard and young women die for a mistake they did not commit. We can’t just choose now to be “woke” and use hashtags because, frankly, it’s not enough. We have the power to do so much more than make a hashtag trend.

The petition for #JusticeForNoura:


A link to send an email to the Minister of Justice in Sudan in favor of clearing Noura of her charges:



this girl is set to be sentenced to death for defending herself and standing up to her rapist. rape is a crime. this is not okay. and we can do something about it. reblog, sign this petition, do what you can to get justice for Noura.