how do y’all feel about Corinna Kopf’s new mer…

how do y’all feel about Corinna Kopf’s new merch?

some people think it’s normalizing mental illness and making it a fashion trend when it’s a very serious thing. other people think it’s okay because it has the definition and brings awareness.

as someone with anxiety, I honestly don’t have a full opinion yet. I think I lean more to the dislike side, just because I feel like a lot of the people wearing it might not even have anxiety (and instead use it as an adjective, in the way that some people say “triggered” as a joke-type-thing when it’s not a joke). plus, I don’t like the concept of mental illness being a fashion trend when it’s something I struggle with everyday: anxiety isn’t just overthinking, being shy/awkward like it’s sometimes portrayed as. I’m not going to go into depth on what my experiences are so this doesn’t get too biased, but if you ever want to hear, hmu.

I do know her intention wasn’t to be disrespectful or to make it a “trend,” but sometimes just because you don’t mean it that way, doesn’t mean it doesn’t come off to others that way.

all of this is said without having watched the video she released. this is the opinion of someone who would see the shirt and not know it was merch, like a lot of people will.

just curious as to what y’all think 🤔