Hello! 💗 this might sound like a silly questi…

Hello! 💗 this might sound like a silly question but I've been trying to research intersectional feminism and although I understand the ideals that it's founded on, I was wondering if you could explain what intersectional feminism means to you. I think it would help me get a better idea of the whole thing!! Thank you 💗

it’s far from silly! thank you for reaching out and being interested c:

There might be deeper ideals and more to it then just what I’m about to say, but intersectional feminism to me basically means that I support feminism and work towards equality for all races (and all people, regardless of sexuality, gender, etc).

I feel like feminism without inclusivity of minorities and people of color is a type of white supremacy, and I’m not here for that: we all deserve rights and equality because we are all human!

💗 have a good day, hope this helped at least some 💗