WFTV Members Selected for Film London’s Flagship Shorts Programme

Film London has unveiled their latest London Calling short film line-up, a 20-strong slate of docs, dramas and experimental forays representing the scheme’s most diverse group of filmmakers to date.

Amongst those selected are a number of WFTV members: Rachel Swindale will produce Holding Space (Rebecca Kenyon will direct, Phil Parker will also produce); Home Girl will be directed by Poonam Brah and produced by Isabel Steuble-Johnson (it’s written by Iman Qureshi); Niki Simone will direct Ilford Lane (written by Marilyn Friday who will also produce); Rajita Shah will produce Isis Mums (written by Noemi Varga who will also direct); Amelia Hashemi is the writer behind Night Out, which she will also direct (Harry Starkey-Midha will produce); and Sasha and Jo Are Getting Married is written by Pier Wilkie (pictured above), who will also direct, and produced by Jules Hussey (pictued above on screen).

The London Calling scheme exists to champion and develop the city’s best new and emerging talent, offering the training, support and production funding they need to bring their stories to the big screen. Of the 20 projects selected for this latest slate, 12 of this year’s directors are from a black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) background and 10 are female.

See the full 2018 London Calling slate.

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