The reason that trans women experience misogyny is because misogyny is a punishment. Society punishes women because it hates women, and it punishes women in specific ways for not
being or acting the way misogynists decide they should.

As women, trans women are always going to be affected by society’s negative views towards women. If you hear “I hate women”, and you are a woman, then you hear “I hate you”. If you hear “women should look / dress / act like _____, or they’re worthless”,
and you are a woman, then you

accept that this message is directed at you. There is no way to opt out of this. General misogyny is always going to hurt trans women. Acting as if it doesn’t is ignorant and unempathetic.

People are willing to admit that closeted gay people are still affected by homophobia, because they know that they’re gay and so recognise that the hate is directed at them. The same will always be true for trans people. It doesn’t matter how open a trans woman is about the fact that she’s trans. Misogyny will still affect her. There’s no opting out.