demisexuality isn't real. i read your pos…

demisexuality isn't real. i read your post and it sounds like you're straight. like as a lesbian i find it kind of offensive that the term 'heteroflexible' even exists. there is nuance in every sexuality, no need for twenty five thousand labels. it distracts us from actually important social justice issues. (not trying to come off as aggressive but ahh this is an issue that bothers me)

(it’s okay, and I’m not trying to come off as aggressive in this response either. also please note I’m just learning about all of this so if my definitions aren’t right I apologize.)

from what I gathered, demisexuality is wanting/needing an emotional connection with someone before being attracted to them or wanting to have sexual encounters with them.

I guess I’m not understanding why you’re saying it doesn’t exist when it sounds reasonable. Plus, I relate to it, and so do a ton of other people, so what makes it not real or unworthy of being real (genuinely wanting to know. again, not trying to be aggressive)?

and honestly (saying this for people who are demisexual and maybe myself?? i don’t know I’m learning so much about identities and sexualities right now) its a little insensitive to say that what someone identifies as isn’t real. it just gives me the vibe that a lot of homophobic, transphobic, etc people do. like, “you can’t be gay, thats wrong, that doesn’t exist” or “you can’t be lesbian, that’s wrong, that doesn’t exist”.

and I’ll have to disagree with you on the label thing. I think having more labels for things like this is better, because it gives people a sense of familiarly and “I’m not alone”. it gives words to how you feel, which is nice. like, for instance, how I’m mostly straight but open to girls (just lacking experience with them because I’ve never been romantic with a girl). yeah I’m straight, but there’s still that addition. and since there’s that addition, does that really make me completely straight?

I understand how the heteroflexible thing could be annoying for you, but I don’t get how it’s offensive. I’m not saying it isn’t, I just literally don’t get it and I can’t make an assumption because I’m not lesbian or in your position, so I don’t have a right to tell you what is or isn’t offensive.

have a good day 💗