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“I don’t understand zero-sum games,” the post

I would normally respond with one of the “Imagine being…” joke replies, but I honestly cannot being so naive and vindictive as to view another’s equality as a negative in my life such that it’s a zero sum game.

If there are a limited amount of job openings at a company, giving women more opportunities comes at the expense of men, no? What form of “equality” for women doesn’t come at the expense of men?

(Just so you know, this wasn’t even what the post was about. I get it’s up to interpretation and I respect you’ve got your own meaning from it, but it was originally about supporting girls and wanting girls to succeed. A lot of my page is girl-love, but just because it’s girl-love doesn’t mean it’s boy-hate.)

So in this reply, you’ve already basically said it is true women are viewed as lesser than men or have less opprotunies. Keep that in mind.

You realize that equality isn’t about giving women more opportunities, as you said, but equal opportunities?

The way you’ve worded this, it sounds like you’re saying men are entitled to some position solely because they are men.

Giving equal job opportunities to women could be at the expense of men, if you’re bad at your job. That’s literally it: it would be a matter of whose the better worker. Not man vs. woman, but employee vs. employee.

With the very first part of my response in mind, it’s almost as if you’re suggesting that men have succeeded because women have been given less opprotunities. Like giving women the same chances men have will come at man’s expense, which is entirely not true, unless (like I said) you’re bad at your job.

I’m confused as to why you think equal job opprotunity is a bad thing unless you’re a misogynist or something. Are you concerned you would lose your position to a woman? If that’s the case, you shouldn’t be afraid to lose it to a woman (the specificness of that is a little sexist, by the way, if you are afraid of that), but you should be afraid of losing your job period.

I’m genuinely just wondering what you think is wrong with gender equality, with women receiving the same benefits/treatment/whatevers men have had for awhile now. Like…is there a good reason you (seem to) deem us more insignificant?

I’m a man. Gender inequality gives me a lot of advantages I can exploit to my own benefit with pretty much zero drawbacks whatsoever. Women gaining equality means less benefits for me to exploit. I want every advantage I can, every nice thing I can possibly get my hands on, for myself, and for the people I like. Patriarchy and sexism are beneficial to me. Equality for women has no conceivable benefits for me whatsoever. There is nothing to be gained by what you offer..

One problem with the world is its selfishness and lack of empathy for other people, and a bit of that is evident here.

Really, in sum, you have nothing to lose by gender equality except gaining more competitors who could be better than you (and probably are, since you sound lazy and exploitive). So instead of restricting human beings from rights they should have, get better at your job. If it meant that much to you, you would. But you want the easy way out, understandably, because none of this effects you.

I appreciate your honesty. Have a good day!