things just keep going downhill it seemsbasically, my friend lost my car keys (if you want actual…

things just keep going downhill it seems

basically, my friend lost my car keys (if you want actual details, you can send a message and ask but since it isn’t vital I’m not saying why) so I was locked out of my car. problem is, the spare key is in my car (again, you can ask about it, I’m not that dumb and there’s a reason) so now there’s no way to get into it unless we buy another key or make a duplicate or however that works or find the original. we’d been poking with a wire through the cracks trying to hit the unlock button for three hours and looking for the key for one. if anyone has any suggestions for what to do or for how to use materials to get into the car and unlock it (like the wire), please please please tell me.

they’ve brought me home from that tonight but I can’t just go without a car for who knows how long, and my parents are (probably) mad?? I don’t know because they were asleep when I got home (but I did text and got replies before). I’m planning to miss school tomorrow (all my homework and supplies and chromebook and backpack is in my car) since I have perfect attendance so far and can’t drive there so I can try to find the original key, or get into the car to reach the spare

I’m so awful with cars so if there’s anything you can think to do, please please let me know. thank you so much