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Obviously you care no one cakes their face like that to show they DONT care what people think dumbass

you must wear hats because people tell you to. or maybe you keep a mustache because other people care about it?

@feministism no I wear a hat cause my hair looks like crap and I keep my facial hair because I like it who fucking cares what other people think but the FACT that you went for the personal attack instead of actually making an intelligent argument shows how ignorant and stupid you truly are

how odd. it’s crazy that men and women BOTH can do things…just because they like it…..and because they don’t care..what others think (like wearing makeup or keeping mustaches)!!! strange! unusual!! impossible!!!

please point out how I attacked you, and please point out where your original comment was an “intelligent argument”, as you said. I would also think calling someone “ignorant” and “stupid” just because they debate you/have a differing opinion from yours is more of a personal attack than proving you wrong, but of course since its you saying it, it’s okay and fair and just, right?