Hey, your blog is rad, love it… I wanted to know your opinion on something. So I had a planning class (for careers etc) and the teacher showed us a vid that compared forcing someone to drink tea, to rape. As a sexual assault victim myself, I personally found that the vid demeaned the topic it was trying to explain. I said this in class and the girls and a few guys agreed with me. In response, my (male) teacher gave me this whole spiel bullshit lecture about how rape culture is fake. 😠

[ thank you! ]

Sometimes it’s easier for people to understand a big topic by simplifying it into something they can relate to or better comprehend (like a lot of those “All Lives Matter” images I post that say something like “All Lives Matter is like watering the whole block when only one house is on fire”).

However, there is a difference between educational or easier to understand and demeaning or insensitive. (Plus, sometimes simplifying something isn’t the answer: we shouldn’t have to explain that assault isn’t the victims fault, that should be…known. If someone says “no”, you respect that. Why would it have to be simplified?…if that makes sense.) That video sounds like such an awful comparison. like wtf.

If the video was about rape and it seemed demeaning, and later your professor said that rape culture doesn’t exist, it’s almost like he meant for the video to be demeaning. If he hadn’t, he’d probably say like “oh no no, the intention wasn’t to undermine” or something along those lines to fix what could be a misunderstanding. But the fact that he didn’t and had such a poor video certainly doesn’t look good on his part.