I ran into your blog under my suggestions and before I ask my question I want to state that you seem like a kind a patient person, so thank you for that. My question refers to intersectionality. If the idea is to be more inclusive, then why focus on putting people into boxes based in qualities they were born with and have no control over? Before you say that’s not the point of intersectionality, I have read the theories and look at the core of feminist sociology and that is the core tenant.

hi, and thank you!

I don’t know what you read of theories and feminist sociology, but I can assure you I haven’t read it, so I apologize if this response comes off as…ignorant? unrelated to what you read? (I’m not entirely sure what word to put there. hm.)

I won’t say “that’s not the point of intersectionality”, but I’ll think it. Because that really isn’t the point of intersectionality as far as I know. (I repeat: as far as I know.)

I guess what I’m not understanding is how including intersectionality puts people into boxes and forces them to stay as what they were born as. Intersectional and inclusive feminism welcomes everyone regardless of skin color, sexuality, gender, status, whatever. It’s about accepting everyone. I don’t get how you (this is a general “you”) could think intersectionality is meant to confine when the definition means the very opposite. Maybe that has an explanation in the theories/sociology you read and I just don’t know it because I haven’t read them, but on my blog, I promote individuality and expressing opinions and finding yourself.

The only possibility I could think that would make intersectionality confining is if you don’t support or believe in things involving the LGBTQ+ community. Like being gay, being nonbinary, being genderfluid, being transgender, etc. Then it could be confining, telling these people they aren’t allowed to love who they love, or be the person they are. That’s putting people into boxes.

There are some feminists that do that, and there are always feminists mislabeling themselves, so perhaps this is an instance of that? I personally don’t like telling people who they can and can’t be when it affects their happiness and doesn’t affect me, so I don’t do that on my blog.

Apologies if this reply isn’t very great. I think I would need some links or quotes or more information to form better thoughts, because I genuinely don’t know about the history and genuinely don’t think that’s the point of intersectionality. I’m not close-minded to the possibility, just not informed.