Since you are obviously liberal. why not conservative? its only the right think, as a true conservative i belive that NO ONE should have ANY head starts, ANY privileges in life. and that EVERYONE should work towards their goals, getting what they derserved. Feminism is outdated, and has been ever since women got the right to vote. so, why are you liberal?

since you are obviously conservative, why not liberal?

something you don’t seem to understand is that people ARE automatically born with privilege and head starts. to find out how privileged someone is you could ask this like: are you white? are you male? are you born in a first or third world country? what is your parents income? what is your income? are you parents divorced? did your parents go to college? all of these have play in how privileged someone is, and they affect us sometimes before we’re old enough to make own or choices and even be born.

I’m liberal and feminist because things aren’t this way: because privilege exists and because not everyone has equal opportunity and I want them to. You want them to be equal, you want everyone to have the same chance, but what are you doing about it? (And honestly, a lot of conservatives I’ve met don’t even think that way.)

the way you talk, that everyone should get to meet their goals and no one should have any head starts sounds like you want equality which is what feminism is. you know you can be conservative and feminist? and are you even considering the issues in third world countries?

I’m not strictly conservative (although I live in a conservative town in the south) because I don’t agree with a lot of conservative beliefs, and because I’ve been around conservative people all my life. their ideals, the way they speak and think, isn’t something I can agree with. It’s just my opinion.

It doesn’t help that you said it’s “the only right think”: just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s right. That’s something y’all have to understand. Thinking you’re correct because of a label is as annoying as it is ignorant.

I don’t care that you’re conservative, you’re entitled to that, and I can respect that until you give reason not to. But I’m not, and that should be respected as well until given a reason not to.

have a good day 🙂