Do you think most feminists know what a cis white guy actually goes through on a regular basis because of the “extreme feminazis”? I can tell you I understand the pain of an abusive partner, and when a majority of the abused are females you will be damn sure I’d help anyway I can, I just wish women would realize that there is a few of us who understand. I hate constantly being told “You don’t understand true abuse! You’re a guy!”

I’d probably say a lot of male issues aren’t understood because of “extreme feminazis” (a.k.a. some misandrists), fear of judgement, and people’s failure to listen and grasp that men go through these things too. Plus, the majority of feminists aren’t men and we don’t know what men go through since we aren’t them, so it’s incredible, inspiring, and enlightening when people like you do speak out, not to mention very brave.

Like you’ve said, a lot of people turn a blind eye when men discuss abuse, but it’s very real and a lot more common than we know. As a whole, we need to realize that everyone and anyone can suffer abuse: it isn’t just a problem for women, and we shouldn’t act like it is. That doesn’t help male or nonbinary abuse victims at all, and probably doesn’t encourage them to seek help or someone to talk to.

moral of the story–anyone can be abused, and it’s not okay for any of them. there is no justification regardless of gender, race, sexuality, etc. abuse is wrong and we need to listen to the victims. that’s that.

(also, false accusations are wrong as well! do! not! do! that!)