Hi! I just found out about your blog today, and honestly, I was a little skeptical, seeing as I’ve been harassed by many people who claim to harass me for being Bisexual and NB because it’s “A feminists job to…” and so on, but after looking through your content, I actually really started to like what you have to say! I just wanted to come over here to tell you that I really appreciate you and how you communicate. You seem like an amazing person and I’m glad to see your content in my newsfeed!

thank you so much!

i hardly think feminists have “jobs” or “duties” (we’re no more entitled to anything than anyone else, especially not bossing people around!) and if we did, it would be to spread awareness, not to tell anyone what to do. advise and suggest maybe, but not demand and order all I’m-shoving-my-opinion-down-your-throat-like.

i hope you continue to enjoy the content and enjoy seeing it, but if there’s ever something that bothers you just explain to me why it could be offensive or something and I’ll take it down if I see that perspective. my intention is to never hurt anyone (I hope that’s evident in the posts), and if I do, please let me know ASAP. no harassment here, and I’m sorry people ever did.

once again, thank you for your words and have a great day 💗💗