I think calling myself a feminist rather than a egalitarian is 1. Because feminist is more widely used 2. It’s a slight protest thing. Its crazy to me that so many people dont like it being called FEMinsm how are you an egalitarian but have a problem with something “being named after women ” when everyone on earth is called “mankind” nobody is upset about that. Theres more but not enough space. Also my English is bad so I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense


plus, @scarbouroughlilies made the excellent point that they think it’s called feminism because it’s the feminine qualities that are looked down upon, and honestly I agree with that: it makes sense.

I hate when people judge feminism by its name rather than what it stands for, because genuine feminists are for equality. It might be a little more complicated than just “we should all be equal” since it’s about making feminine qualities more acceptable to society since they aren’t now–qualities that typically surround women–but it really is for equality.

a lot of the egalitarian blogs I’ve seen (given I’ve only seen about a handful) on tumblr focus more on dissing and debunking feminism rather than promoting equality when we’re both rooting for the same thing. which is fine, of course they’re allowed to that. but I don’t call myself egalitarian because it seems counterproductive when all I see is “anti-feminism” associated with it: it just seems like it exists to attack other equality-wanting movements, and my goal isn’t to attack people for their opinions. be anti-feminist, I don’t care, but at least spend your time promoting the equality you want instead of tearing down another movement that literally wants the same thing. do you know what I mean? (like for example, I don’t post about how bad egalitarianism is, or reblog posts countering their ideas, because I want the focus of my blog to be feminism and positivity. plus, if they also want equality same as me, why would I tear them down?)

have a great day💕(and your English was good, I’m proud of you)