I won’t lie, I have trouble seeing your blog as “feminist”. I have trouble really CALLING it feminist. It seems more egalitarian than feminist. I’m sorry, but we can’t replace the phrase “gender equality” or “egalitarianism” with the word “feminism” and honestly call it the same thing. It’s just not; feminism doesn’t have a monopoly on equality, and the “femin” in feminism paints it more as promoting females and/or feminine qualities.

maybe it’s because they both…work towards equality…..and are basically…..the same thing

you’re under no obligation to agree with me the same way I’m under no obligation to agree with you, but I would assume that because feminism is focusing on the unequal status of women that the “fem” part is fair. You can’t let fear of a word or pieces of a word convince you that the focus is on inequality, it’s just merely more about helping women (all around the world, of all races, of all sexualities) reach the status men have had for awhile.

but if you’re really bothered by the “fem” part of “feminism”, then that would make it reasonable for me to be bothered by the “man” part in “human”, right?

plus, what’s wrong with femininity? it’s not shameful on anyone, please don’t suggest otherwise.