I try my hardest to spread feminist ideas in my school and places like that, but then I get called a “feminazi” and *several* other gender slurs I’m not going to mention, but it’s getting harder to be taken seriously especially from people older than me. How could I spread my ideas without getting attacked or keep preaching my ideas without backing down?

truthfully, people will almost always attack you for something you do. you talk about these ideas and people will knock you down for them, but if you change your ideas to please those people, other people will knock down them down. it’s an endless cycle because we all have differing opinions, so it’s up to you to decide what’s worth standing up for.

as for backing down and how not to–it’s okay to back down. it’s okay to walk away from an argument or a conversation. it’s okay not to have anything to say. your beliefs are not any more or less important because you run out of words to defend them. as long as you know their truth and believe in that, and the evidence you have is enough for you personally, you aren’t obligated to justify anything for anyone else. not everyone has to agree with you, and that’s okay.