EVAW’s response to the Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill Consultation

The Government has launched a consultation on its proposed Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill. The consultation closes on 31 May.

We have prepared a response and are making this available here to enable others to read our suggested answers and make their own submission.

The Government’s consultation is a long document, and it can feel in places that great expertise is needed to fill it in. In fact you can leave questions blank and skip to areas where you wish to be heard. We hope that our response might help as a starting point for questions where you are not sure.

Our response is a ‘living document’, we have not yet submitted it, and we still plan to make some changes to it. We would love to hear from you if you think we should change any of it, and/or add and amplify points you are making – get in touch.

Our response also includes a short Executive Summary which we will enclose with our submission and where we make some key points about overall disappointment at the ‘narrow offer’ being made, and the lack of commitment to guaranteed protection and advocacy for women despite the drive to increase reports to police. We also urge a broader role for the new Commissioner in this area.

We do think it is important that the Government gets a strong response on the questions related to these areas: the domestic violence definition; relationships education; women offenders; the ‘no recourse’ question concerning women with insecure immigration status (number 15); work with perpetrators; the Istanbul Convention (question 50); and the proposed new commissioner (question 59 & 60).

The Government’s consultation runs until 31 May, please make a submission and please share this page and our draft submission widely.

Data shows rise in reports of rape but charges & prosecutions remain low

Sarah Green, Co-Director of the End violence Against Women Coalition, says: “The data made available today (24 May) by the criminal justice agencies’ Rape Monitoring Group shows that a shockingly low number of rapes reported to the police go on to be prosecuted – and this at a time when reporting rates are going through the roof.

“In 2012/13, the police recorded 16,374 rape offences, and in 2016/17 this figure leapt to 41,186. This indicates that a massive social change is happening in terms of survivors of rape deciding to seek justice.

“Meanwhile, the charging and prosecution volumes remain around the 3-4,000 mark. This is a deplorable fail and our society must have a better response to this if we are at all serious about justice and protection.

“All survivors of rape deserve justice, but it’s clear that year on year the criminal justice system is failing those who choose to report – which we should remember is often done reluctantly but out of a sense of wanting to protect others.

“Victims who brave the criminal justice system and speak up can now face the humiliation of having years of their personal data used against them in court under current evidence disclosure practice. Add to this poor policing, inadequate CPS practice and media myths about the numbers of false rape allegations, is it any wonder that most cases do not lead to conviction?

“Rape does enormous harm and leaves thousands of women and girls, and men and boys, psychologically traumatised. While specialist services for victims struggle to stay afloat, perpetrators learn that they can get away with it. As a society, we rightly expect the criminal justice system to effectively sanction rape and sexual violence and to deter perpetrators.

“The silence from Government on this urgent public policy and justice matter is as shocking as the figures. We urgently need a wholescale review of the response to rape.”




Feminist Education Workshop – 30th June

31408240_10215288888030925_5641735690316923969_nSaturday 30th June, 1pm – 4pm

Feminist Library

We’re inviting all people involved in education at – academics, teachers and parents – and who believe that the curriculum should be more feminist, to help us start the process of thinking about how we could build one at the Library. Please do join us even if you’re not working directly in this area, but are interested in getting involved.

We’re building a brand new outreach team that’s going to be working on this, so this is a chance to get involved in something fresh and exciting at the Library. If you’re a potential volunteer excited about this idea, please do join us as well.

Email magda@feministlibrary.co.uk for more details.


just so everyone knows, trumps gag rule (look it up)—idc whether you’re pro-“life” or pro-choice—is a direct attack on women’s rights. denying people information and withholding all the options regarding their health and reproduction decisions is wrong whether you support abortion or not. thanks to y’all and your stupid ass president (the same president that used to donate to Planned Parenthood until he realized he could get more money from manipulating the pro-“life” movement, as he is now), you’re going to have tons more women self inflicting harm and attempting coat hanger abortions that potentially can kill both fetus and living person simply because their DOCTORS—people who’s jobs are to educate and help—might have to keep information from them and not let their patients know every option they could take. (just to clarify because I know some of you still don’t understand, this would be like not having to tell a person they had cancer. or not having to give an eviction notice before kicking someone out.) pro-“LIFE” movement, I applaud your idiocy

not to mention you pro-“lifers” literally don’t give a shit about half of the worlds population since it isn’t you—what about immigrants? the lgbtq+ community? people of color? Muslims? women too now, apparently.

this is what a war on women looks like. this is what anti-progression looks like. hold on y’all, looks like we’re going back to the 1900s



i can’t fuckin stand when you do so much shit for someone and they expect you to do more. or assume you’ll do something for them since they’re so used to you doing it. it’s like giving stars to someone who wants the whole fuckin galaxy: nothing will ever be enough. if y’all have someone like this in your life i hope y’all find the strength to tell them “no” or to piss off because you’re gonna waste so much money and time and energy on them for them to not even fully appreciate it and you don’t deserve that

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his disregard for human life is disgusting; what did the family do to deserve being struck?





i hope those muslims with eating disorders, mental health problems, family stress and issues are doing okay this ramadan. i hope things soften for them. i hope and pray we all feel joy even with our hardships during this month.


if i never ever hear seth macfarlane’s voice ever again, it will still be too soon