BBC Felix Dexter Bursary for BAME Comedy Writers

The BBC Felix Dexter Bursary, offered by BBC Comedy in partnership with the BBC Writersroom, is designed to find a writer with a fresh, unique point of view and the potential to help shape the future of comedy, whether in the BBC or elsewhere in the industry. It aims to make a positive intervention to address an under-representation of BAME professionals in comedy production in broadcasting.

On a practical level, the bursary gives up-and-coming talent the chance to make comedy writing their main focus for six months, while immersed in comedy production. They will hone their skills while gaining experience on a range of BBC comedies across radio, TV and online, on panel shows, shorts, sitcoms or comedy entertainment shows. The programme will offer the writer the support they need to take the next step in their career.

The bursary is open to black, Asian and other ethnic minority writers or writing duos who are 18 or over.

Find out more and apply here.

The deadline for applications is Monday 30 July at 5:00pm.

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BAFTA Introduces New Diversity Criteria for Film Awards

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has confirmed new eligibility requirements for the British film categories at the EE British Academy Film Awards in 2019.

First announced in 2016 following consultation with the BFI and a range of industry professionals, all entries into two British film categories – Outstanding British Film and Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer – will now be required to meet at least two of the four BFI Diversity Standards.

The Standards focus on under-represented groups across four areas:

A: On-screen representation, themes & narratives
B: Project leadership & creative practitioners
C: Industry access & opportunities
D: Opportunities for diversity in audience development

Read more here.

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50% Off Submissions to Ridgefield Independent Film Festival

The Ridgefield Independent Film Festival in the USA is currently accepting submissions, and is committing to 50/50 filmmaker gender parity at this year’s event.

To achieve this goal, RIFF wants to reach all the phenomenally talented women filmmakers around the globe and is offering them a 50% discount on the standard submission fee.

In addition, all RIFF festival submission fees will be put directly toward filmmaker support services and cash awards for winning films in every genre.

You can submit via the RIFF FilmFreeway page and use the submission discount code RIFFctParityNow for 50% off.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 15th August.

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the-movemnt: Beauty vlogger Nabela Noor has a…


Beauty vlogger Nabela Noor has a message for fat-shamers: “Yes I’m fat, and I’m fashionable”

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western ppl talking about the poor conditions of women’s rights and lgbt rights in africa, asia, the middle east and south america is so frustrating and stupid bc U LITERALLY DID THAT!!!!! most laws prohibiting same sex relationships etc or laws restricting women were imposed on these regions by western imperialism. although the situation has changed in the west, the countries that suffered under western presence still largely hold on to the old western legislature. India is an example, where lgbt ppl are still struggling to undo the laws imposed on them by the british, Japan is an example, as they only prohibited same sex relations for 7 years in order to become part of the international community. westerners influenced and messed up countries with such progressive cultures and now dare point the finger at those ‘backwards savages’. the only inhumane thing u are looking at is hundreds of cultures destroyed to fit western culture.






Things that reduce abortion:

  • Livable wages
  • Affordable/free healthcare
  • Affordable housing
  • Affordable education
  • Sex education
  • Access to contraception

Things that do not reduce abortions:

• Criminalizing abortion
• Abstinence-only education

  • Violent protests/shooting/bombings at abortion clinics
  • Aggressively insincere and entirely unasked for impromptu prayer circles
  • Birth Clinics that legally lie about abortion facts and pretend to be legitimate health clinics 
  • shame & judgement